The Friends of Great Hosmer Pond is a membership advocacy organization whose activities are open to all who share the organization’s mission and goals.

The Friends of Great Hosmer Pond, Paddle and Pot Luck Gathering, 4:00 - 6:00 Sunday September 23, 2018

Where: Hosmer Point Camp Waterfront, Sunday September 23, 4:00 - 6:00 PM

  • Come swim and bring your paddling or rowing craft

  • Members of the Friends' organizing committee will be there to help explain what’s known to date about the Great Hosmer Use of Public Water Rule-making and answer questions, but the emphasis is on having fun and enjoying Great Hosmer

  • Pete’s Greens and the Craftsbury Outdoor Center will be donating sausages to grill, veggies, and salads. Bring additional food and beverages to share if you so desire. A grill will be available.

  • Please RSVP at: or RSVP here.

COC’s Annual Fall Fest - 2:00 Saturday October 6, 2018

Where: Craftsbury Outdoor Center Waterfront, Saturday October 6, 2:00 PM

  • This is another Great Hosmer event. The Friends will be sponsoring canoe, kayak, and SUP tours and timed events for racing and rec classes as part of the annual Fall Fest at the Outdoor Center.

  • Paddlers can stay around for the annual harvest dinner and dancing that evening, or come early and try biathlon. The dinner sells out every year so sign up early.

  • Visit for more info.

Our Mission:

  • To protect Great Hosmer Pond’s water quality, fishing resources, ecological integrity and special characteristics including its scenic beauty and undisturbed shoreline.

  • To protect Great Hosmer Pond’s important role in the local economy as home to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center and Hosmer Point Camp and as a place where all pond users can safely undertake activities that will improve their health and wellbeing.

Current Activities

1)    Participate fully in any Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and/or Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles public rule-making processes that affect GHP with the following intent:

  • Preserve unrestricted non-motorized uses of the pond and vigorously oppose proposed rules to limit non-motorized uses

  • Support enforcement of existing boat safety regulations

  • Support the collection of accurate and objective data on pond use

2)    Advocate for improved understanding & enforcement of existing safety laws:

  • Assist the Vermont Department of Public Safety in educating Pond users about the 5 mph 200-foot-shoreline safety zone and what it means for the legal use of motorized watercraft  on GHP

  • Facilitate communication between the Vermont Public Safety and Fish and Wildlife Department staff in order to coordinate consistent law enforcement

  • Raise funds if necessary to pay for increased law enforcement on GHP

Future Activities

  • Coordinate volunteers to help with Eurasian Milfoil control and ongoing environmental monitoring

  • Celebrate the ecology and history of GHP with an annual membership gathering and ongoing public education

  • Work with Craftsbury Outdoor Center and others to schedule activities aimed at encouraging community engagement with sustainable and healthy activities on GHP including paddling, rowing, swimming, summer and winter fishing, nordic skiing, and overall enjoyment of the pond’s beauty and resources.


Environmental Protection

  • Maintain and protect water quality

  • Preserve Great Hosmer Pond’s unique habitat

  • Manage invasive species

Community Strength

  • Support Craftsbury Outdoor Center and Hosmer Point Camp as valued local economic, recreational, environmental, and cultural resources

  • Promote the Town of Craftsbury as a vibrant community and local economy

  • Expand area youth and adult enjoyment of Great Hosmer Pond

  • Provide forum for those near and far who enjoy Great Hosmer Pond

Safe Shared Pond Use

  • Encourage respectful communication among users and seek to resolve user conflicts

  • Promote safe and legal operation of motorized watercraft