The Craftsbury Outdoor Center and Hosmer Point Camp make significant economic and social contributions to Craftsbury, the region and the state of Vermont.  

The Outdoor Center and Hosmer Point contribute a considerable amount to the local economy and employ over 60 Vermonters year round and 75 in the summer.  Sculling alone generates1.2 million to the economy.  Regardless of the Center’s non-profit status, it pays all property and state taxes.  Outdoor Center guests buy gas, gifts, sandwiches and more at local businesses, a majority of the food served at the the Center is grown locally and local contractors and suppliers are used whenever possible.  

The Center provides an amazing array of programs for our community, many of which are very affordable thanks to income generated by the Center’s Sculling Camps.  All residents of Craftsbury and Albany are offered complimentary Center memberships.  422 have joined.  Programs are listed below.

COC's Rowing Schedule

The schedule below is as of May 11.  Visit the Outdoor Center itself for the most up to date information.


Summer Activities


 Summer Mountain Bike Club:

  • 39 participants total for the three month summer program, which included mostly local kids
  • Program cost was $100 for the 3 month program. Scholarships were available for those in need

Age Group Summer Ski Programs:

  • 49 kids in three different programs, ages 8-18, coming to practices multiple times each week
  • Scholarships available to those in need

 Summer Ski Camps, all filled to their limit:

  • 74 kids attended summer ski training camps
  • Four ski camps over the course of the summer, for ages 8-18

Between camps and regular practices, there were 91 unique kids coming to the Center this summer for ski training. The Center gave out 13 scholarships for kids to attend BKL camps, attend national and regional training camps, and to participate in our full-time programs


  • 41 kids participated in biathlon at the Center, between Hosmer Point campers, junior ski campers, and private lessons
  • All ski program participants also get to do biathlon once/week

Hosmer Point Summer Camp:

  • 794 kids came to camp at Hosmer Point this summer, that number includes residential campers, day campers, and school groups
  • About half of residential campers were from Vermont. 
  • A sliding scale is offered to keep camp affordable to more families.

Total: Over 1,000 kids served


Community Rowing:

  • Attendance ranged from about 10-25 per day.
  • Sessions were 3x a week and gave opportunity for community members to try sculling

Masters Ski Training:

  • 15 masters enrolled in summer ski training, with average attendance around 12 for the 5 month program

Tuesday Night Run/Bike Trail Races (all ages):

  • The overall total of unique participants for this year was 280
  • Most race weeks had between 50-80 participants
  • Cost was $5 per race, or $30 for the whole series

Running Campers:

  • 123 running campers this summer, between seven camp sessions

Sculling Campers:

  • 893 sculling campers spread over 33 sessions

Fitness Classes:

  • Approximately 54 participants in an average week of fitness classes at the Center between yoga, CrossFit, Community Fitness, ErgSpin, Simple Strength and Feldenkrais
  • $5 for members, $10 non-members, subsidized

Forestry Talks:

  • Hosted anywhere from 30-90 people for monthly Forestry talks this summer
  • Free for all attendees

Total:  Over 1,500 people of all ages served

Outdoor Center Memberships

  • There are 2,070 total COC members, which gives them unlimited trail use as well as free and discounted access to many of programs
  • 422 people have formally accepted a complimentary Outdoor Center membership for Craftsbury/Albany residents

Winter Activities


Age Group Programs (Craftsbury Nordic Ski Club):

  • 135 kids participate in regular club ski programs, ages 8-18.
  • Scholarships are available to kids in need

School Groups:

  • This season 853 different kids scheduled to participate in winter school outreach program (December through March).
  • The kids are largely from public elementary schools, but also include alternative and therapeutic schools, regional after school programs, and Sterling College ski classes.
  • Only the after school groups (REACH and Kids on the Move) pay a small fee for Center staffing, all other school groups go free

Albany Elementary
Albany KOM (after school)
Arlington High School
Barton Graded
Brownington Elementary
Calais Elementary
Cornerstone H.S.
Craftsbury Elementary
Craftsbury KOM (after school)
Danville Elementary
East Meadow
Eden Central
Glover Elementary
Green Mtn. Kids (after school)
Greensboro Elementary

Hardwick KOM (after school)
Irasburg Elementary
Lamoille Union Middle
Laraway House
New School
Orleans Elementary
Sterling College
Williamstown Elementary
Wolcott Elementary
Woodbury Elementary

Total:  Almost 1,000 kids served


 Fitness Classes:

  • There are 45 community members with gym memberships this winter. They attend weekly classes including yoga, CrossFit, Community Fitness, ErgSpin, Simple Strength, Zumba, and Feldenkrais
  • $5 for members, $10 non-members, subsidized

 Adult Recreational Skiing:

  • 25 local adult skiers participated in the program which met twice a week to ski together at the Center

Road Scholars:

  • 140 participants ages 45-88 came for nine different Road Scholar programs over the course of ­­­seven weeks.                                        

Master’s Camps:

  • 20 Master’s skiers, many of them local, attended weekend camp in December

Total:  Over 200 people of all ages served


Local Farmers Support the Craftsbury Outdoor Center 

It is well known the Craftsbury Outdoor Center is both a major employer and hub of lifetime fitness, social activity, and education in our region.  What is less known is the immense positive impact the Outdoor Center has on the prosperity of local farms.  Due to their commitment to the local economy, COC sources the majority of food served to their guests from producers in the Northeast Kingdom. There are few sizable markets for local farm products in the Northeast Kingdom which makes COC's commitment to buying local all the more important to the success of local farms.  

There aren't many sectors of the economy that are expanding in the Northeast Kingdom.  Local food farms are an exception.  Local food farms have increased both in number and in size in the last decade adding many jobs to our region. In order to continue growth, we need tourism-related business like the Outdoor Center to continue to thrive. Not only does this allow them to purchase more food from farmers; their economic impact multiplies via their employees and other local businesses, who then have more purchasing power themselves. As a result, we oppose movements to restrict the COC's use of Great Hosmer Pond for sculling camps.  Sculling camps are a great example of green tourism, which brings outside dollars into our communities and are an excellent avenue for increasing the market for and visibility of our businesses.   

It is our hope that all interested parties will see the Outdoor Center as essential to the vitality of the Northeast Kingdom.  As we proceed with conversations, we ask you to consider the Outdoor Center's positive impact on local farm businesses when making decisions about water access.

Year-Round Fun

Great Hosmer Pond provides recreational opportunities year round.  It is a place for kids young and old in our communities to learn biathlon, nordic skiing, sailing, swimming, snowshoeing, mountain biking, trail running, etc....


Craftsbury Outdoor Center

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is an important part of the Great Hosmer Pond community.  It provides a surfeit of year-round recreational, economic, and educational benefits to our community. 

Hosmer Point Camp

Hosmer Point Camp provides residential and day camps to kids from our community and beyond.  Kids are on the water daily learning to sail, canoe, swim, and scull.  We want to make sure that existing safety laws are enforced to keep everyone safe this summer.