Great Hosmer Pond Stewardship

For the past 14 years the Craftsbury Outdoor Center has led efforts to manage Eurasion Milfoil in Great Hosmer Pond.   This has included surveying, mapping and hand pulling Milfoil, diver assisted suction harvesting, organizing volunteers, providing education to all Pond property owners, and obtaining grants from the state of Vermont.  Over $30,000 is now spent annually by the Outdoor Center.  

Since 1984 the Outdoor Center has collected water quality data for the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation through the Department’s Lay Monitoring Program.  Weekly data regarding water clarity, phosphate, and clorophyll is collected at 2 locations and is available on the Department’s website.

Loons and Biodiversity

In 2016 Great Hosmer welcomed a new loon nesting site at the north end, bringing the total number of breeding pairs to two including the pair at the public boat landing bay.  Ospreys and Bald Eagles are regularly observed.  Pickeral, bass, and perch are common.  White Tailed Deer are abundant.  Moose make an appearance from time to time and a black bear was seen swimming across the narrows two years ago.